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Riding your horse is easy using the Laws of Motion! 

Next Balanced Riding Clinic Oct 30 - Nov 1, 2015
Welcome to Riding Revelations by Shawn Gannon
Would you love to learn to ride a horse in balance your very first day? Everyone that has ridden a horse, would love to be a great rider. Why is it then, that it's so hard to do? One of the main reasons is that we are
unaware of the Law of Motion and how it affects us, or we choose to ignore it. Either way we are asking for trouble if we pretend it doesn't matter. 

Whether you learn to ride on our own, or even if you take professional lessons, this law is routinely ignored. Typically most people just simply miscalculate where the momentis force is coming from, and our instincts take over which equals failure. If you obey the Law of Motion that law will put you in balance instantaneously.
Yes I said instantaneously!

My simple, yet logical method gets you into balance your very first day on a horse at a trot. While others are just trying to stay in balance the first month,  you will already be there and riding like a veteran in just days.
 I guarantee it!

Check out our new YouTube video from the March 28th Clinic. You'll be amazed at how quickly our senior guests got into balance once they utilize this law.

Let's learn how to make this Law work for you to be a great BALANCED horse rider quickly!

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