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The Results: Riding in Balance 
There is only one important thing to have when you first start horseback riding, balance! (and a calm lesson horse) You can achieve balance by using the 2 simple things we have told you about on the previous pages your very first day on a horse.  If you have friends helping you that have succeeded in the traditional Centered Riding method, they will tell you what you have learned here is wrong. Of course, anything is up for debate when facts are ignored, so let's put it all together again to make is easy.  You will riding your horse in balance in less than a hour instead of weeks, months or even years in some cases using traditional methods.

When the horse trots or lopes, he is introducing momentum that you must deal with or you will be out of balance. The horse industry as a whole pretends that this momentum can be ignored. While it is true that you can ignore it,  it will also take on average 1 to 2 years of effort to achieve balance for most folks. So which direction is this momentum coming from? It is coming from behind you, so it's "pushing" you forward and up. Most people actually believe it will push you back which is incorrect. 

So using the keyboard the momentum would appear simply like this \ , if the horse is trotting to left of the page.  So in order to do the equal and opposite reaction, you must do this / or lean back towards the right hand side of the page. Together when we compare both sports it would look like this:
                                                                    rider/ \horse      
boat\ /skier
In both situations you need to do the same thing, leaning back to deal with the momentum, even though it's coming at you from different directions. The difference is that water can't keep you up if you're out of balance, but a horse can because of their superior athleticism and size and the ground is solid. That is why people can eventually learn to sit upright on a horse, but it takes much more time to succeed and much more "extra" energy to do so. In English riding the post would be one of these "extra" efforts to deal with the momentum. While the boat is pulling you forward, the horse is pushing you forward, so your actual position turns out to be the same for both activities. Nobody ever argues about a skier leaning back to ski, but almost everyone wants to argue that you must sit upright on a horse. Wrong!

The problem is this for anyone wanting to learn how to horseback ride: it takes so much longer attempting to remain upright or "Centered" in the saddle to achieve balance fighting the Laws of Motion, that many people just give up.  This is mainly due to the dogmatic loyalty of that thought process, the plumb line, that just doesn't jive with reality. When you utilize the Laws of Motion, and lean back in the saddle approximately to 1 o'clock on a regular clock in a trot or canter, you can achieve balance in just a few minutes versus months to years. I have seen folks go from never riding ever to galloping in just one week's time, and they are in what I call "true balance". True balance equals not using anything to help you keep balance, except for yourself. No stirrups, no horn, no hair, no saddle, no duct tape, no nothing. Just like when you learned to ride your bike without the training wheels, it's all you! 

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